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Internet Marketing Services (Thailand)

The RaiYai team is passionate about partnering with local businesses to increase their sales and reputation. While our business directory is a strong start to getting your company more noticed on the internet, we also offer the below services as additional ways to powerfully boost the profile and brand of your business:

FREE Website Hosting & Maintenance - Dealing with the technical aspects of websites is quite tiring and messy when you are already busy running your business. Thankfully, RaiYai offers very affordable website hosting and management services to Thailand companies - we will keep your site updated and running smoothly!
1,000 Baht (per month) - Setup your website today!
Complete SEO Report (78 Points) - One of the best ways to get a thorough understanding of where your business stands online regarding branding, visibility, usability, customer access, and more. The RaiYai team offers a full report of your current online reputation and effectiveness along with tailored advice regarding the options you should consider.
1,000 Baht - Request your complete SEO report!
POPULAR: Online Visibility Boost™ - A custom created package for small businesses in Thailand and beyond. Our internet marketing experts will put together a custom one-time package for your business to boost your brand's reputation and visibility on Google and across the web, including social bookmarking, blog mentions, unique articles, and more.
9,000 Baht - Boost your online visibility!
Website Domain Setup - If your business does not yet have a website domain (i.e. yourcompany.com) and would like one, the RaiYai team can help you quickly reserve one in order to protect your brand and business name. We also offer the option to temporarily direct your domain to your company's listing on RaiYai.com to provide basic contact information and quality photos.
1,000 Baht (2 Years) - Reserve your web domain!
Custom Website Design - If you are ready to take your internet marketing to the next level, the RaiYai team is ready to help at extremely discounted rates. Whether you need a website built from scratch, or you are looking to re-design your current website into a more professional manner, the RaiYai team has you covered.
Custom Price Quote - Get your site custom designed!
Facebook & Twitter Fans - Acquiring a solid number of fans or followers to your company's social media profiles is an important part of conveying authority on the internet. If your business is just getting started with social media, it is sometimes difficult to get the word out. The RaiYai team can help you get a large number of fans!
1,000 Baht (per month) - Acquire new Facebook fans!
Email Newsletter Setup (eFlyer) - Research studies continue to show the value of email newsletters as a marketing tool for small businesses. While social media, smartphones, and web design continue to evolve, email communication remains quite stable year after year. Setting up an email newsletter is an extremely effective way to keep in touch with your potential and current customers!
3,000 Baht (one time fee) - Launch an email newsletter!
Phone Number Setup - One of the most frustrating things for customers is when a company continues to change its phone number. Allow the RaiYai team to setup an internet phone number for you via Google Voice or Skype Numbers so you will never need to change your phone number again. Voicemail messages will be automatically delivered to you via email.
Variable Rate - Get an online phone number!
Press Release Distribution - Most of the companies listed on RaiYai rely in some way on foreign tourists and visitors. Getting noticed internationally on Google and other English language websites is a must for your company to thrive in today's economy. One of the best ways to get noticed is to announce your company's goals and services to newswires around the world.
Variable Rate - Distribute a press release!