Siddharta – Bophut

Siddharta – Chaweng

Siddharta – Lamai

Siddharta – Hua Thanon

Elizabeth’s Closet

Bophut Fisherman Village Walking Street (ถนนคนเดินตลาดเก่าบ่อผุด)


Meedech Fishing Shop (ร้านอุปกรณ์ตกปลามีเดช)

Pam Pam

Villa Coco by Villa Markets

Chic Station

Tesco Lotus Chaweng (เทสโก้โลตัสเฉวง)

Big C Supercenter Chaweng (ห้างสะดวกซื้อบิ๊ก ซี เฉวง)

Beach Walk

Siam Paragon (Shopping Center)

Siam Paragon is considered by many to be the crown shopping jewel of downtown Bangkok. Built in 2005 to much fanfare, the massive shopping plaza is one of the largest in East Asia and is home to most international fashion brands. Additionally, Bangkok being one of the world’s biggest diamond capitals, the Paragon is also […]